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Medical Marketing and Advertising for Doctors and Hospitals

Pharmaceutical marketing, sometimes called medico-marketing or pharmacy marketing in some countries, is the business of advertising or otherwise promoting the sale of pharmaceuticals or drugs. Many countries have measures in place to limit advertising by pharmaceutical companies. Our team will generate an effective Medical Marketing strategy.

Pharmaceutical company spending on marketing far exceeds that spent on research. Our Medical Marketing strategy is the only solution to gain a reputation.

When the U.S numbers are broken down, 56% were free samples, 25% was pharmaceutical sales representative “detailing” (promoting drugs directly to) physicians, 12.5% was direct to user advertising, 4% on detailing to hospitals, and 2% on journal ads. There is some evidence that marketing practices can negatively affect both patients and the healthcare profession.

Healthcare, dental and medical marketing strategies from one of the most successful healthcare marketing agencies can help you maximize your profitability by developing more desirable payer mixes, attracting more desirable patients and obtaining continuous professional referrals, medicine today is a business – marketing is now more critical than ever.

From increased regulations and decreasing reimbursements to better-educated patients and more sophisticated technology, the world of health care continues to change.

That is why we work in close partnership with each of our clients to strategize and craft custom solutions that address these changes and chart a course for success. In today’s competitive environment, it is essential to market your product in the right way.

That’s where we come in. Doctors work closely with the pharmaceutical industry to provide optimum care for their patients. A doctor’s room offers tremendous potential for delivering 100% visibility, a clutter-free environment, highly targeted patients who are receptive to health and wellness, and offering great sales potential.

Medical Marketing done through means of visual communication, such as Oxygen T.V, will help promote brands from Pharmaceuticals to Healthcare, from Over-the-Counter (OTC) to Lifestyle educating patients about healthy lifestyle changes as well as best ways of obtaining treatment.

The success of your medical business depends on your ability to bring in new patients and to keep the current ones coming back. Why is it, then, that most medical businesses rely on the same old advertising methods to reach patients?

Whether it’s listing services in directories, placing ads, or getting any generic website online, when everyone does the same thing, it’s tough to stand out. Imagine someone searching for a new doctor inundated with over 200 listings.

With nothing to distinguish each doctor, that someone likely ends up choosing the doctor at the top of the list. Not exactly what you want if your name doesn’t come up first.

The good news is that while people do want a doctor located nearby, people also want a doctor who they feel comfortable around and who they trust.

So, your marketing should help you stand out in a memorable and friendly way before potential patients start digging into that list of 200 physicians.

Also important is the need to maintain a strong relationship with current patients. Like with any business, your existing patients are the ones that bring in the majority of your revenue, so your marketing must effectively remind them about why they’re happy to have you as their doctor, optician, dentists, etc.

Digital Marketing for Medical Practices

Marketing programs for doctors and physicians are very different from those used for popularizing other industries. A site that markets for doctors must be aesthetically good and patient-friendly.

This is because the site’s visitors are most likely to search for a provider to turn to for their specific needs. In the digital marketing arena, medical publications and billboards are also great venues for medical professionals to market themselves.

On the other hand, the internet medium will be the best option for you if you have a marketing plan that is far-reaching and effective. The correct health marketing enterprise can build a program that promotes financial stability and growth of the client business.

Web Presence

When there is a flourish of various communication devices in the market, it would be foolish not to have a website in the cyberspace. Large medical groups need digital marketing to sustain themselves in the business.

A professionally created website does not refer to the size of the organization but focuses on superior services. The secret for having a “results-oriented site” is to have visibility in the search engine results. Naturally, getting on the first page of search results is best.

The SEO Specialists and Social Media Specialists build marketing programs to get their clients noticed while driving more traffic to their sites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the art of being found on the web ahead of your competitors. Though the medical specialists may have a web presence, it may not potentially yield any value if their sites are not visible in the top 10 of the search engine results.

An SEO program for doctors is the way to get themselves visible in the search results. They can assure you that their SEO services will elevate your standings within all major search engines.

Social Media Platforms

The highly experienced social media professionals will sit with the clients and develop engaging content to be posted on social media platforms. After the establishment of pages, they do the following things to make things visible on the net.

  • Build branded pages for your practice on top social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Launch and maintain your blog and provide backlinks.
  • Write and share your blog posts to educate the online audience.
  • Post custom status updates.
  • Build and manage your Facebook Advertising Campaign

Medical Branding Agency

Whenever a physician or a doctor wants to launch a new medical-related business, he requires a multi-faceted undertaking that involves project management and creative direction.

Since there are a lot of medical-related businesses out there, his company may not be that visible to the prospective customers. Moreover, people look for something to make them believe that his service is worth trying.

Given the highly competitive environment, is he going to make the people come for his service?

Medical Branding

Just like any other business, even launching a medical practice or a medical-related business requires some visibility. Prospective clients need to know what their services are. They also should know the ethical views on which the business routed.

If these could be portrayed to the people, it could bring some credibility to the business started by him. Medical Marketing is where the branding team comes into the picture.

The team would work to build the brand tone that will capture the strategic and creative vision and deploy the same across the collateral to give maximum reach out to the people. These works create brand visibility for the client. Moreover, we ensure the long-term stability of the brand by sustaining the pitch of the campaign in the collateral of the client.

Brand Building

The team would work with him to understand the business, its ethics, and its vision. Medical Marketing will enable the team from the branding agency to come forward with a suitable package to strategically orient the business to make the people believe that this business would bring the much-needed change in their lives.

The agency team would do several services to fan the publicity campaign in almost all the channels of communication to reach out to the people. It includes the following.

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Internet advertisement
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Brochure
  • Email Marketing
  • White Papers

Medical Internet Marketing

In today’s business environment, the role of marketing is getting more and more important than never before. Let us make no mistake about it. Even the field of medicine is a business today. Hence, to make the medical business click, marketing has to be done to appraise the people about it.

From increased regulations and decreasing reimbursements to better-educated patients and more sophisticated technology, the world of health care continues to change as the years pass by.

That is why the internet marketing team is working in close partnership with the clients to strategize and craft custom solutions that address these changes and chart a course for success.

Benefits of Medical Internet Marketing

If the required steps are taken, the medical internet marketing can make the client business prosper and pump a lot of money into it. The following are the ways by which medical internet marketing can help the client businesses.

  • Enhanced Visibility and Brand Awareness: Internet marketing promotes the client’s business to millions of people worldwide by being on top of Internet search engines.
  • Get Greater Returns on Investment: It targets the advertising campaign by focusing on people who are actively looking for the type of products and services the client businesses give.
  • Grow Your Business: This type of marketing expands the patient and client base by converting a high volume of quality Internet leads into sales.

Services Offered by Internet Marketing Team

  • Research popular search keyword phrases
  • Develop search engine friendly content
  • Optimize the client websites for Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Create and manage Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns
  • Promote the business through e-mail marketing
  • Enhance visibility of the client products and services
  • Promote through Social Media outlets
  • Providing Analytics for the website performance
  • Increase volume and quality of leads

Medical SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of tactics aimed at increasing the visibility of a website in search engine results. Essentially, this helps to improve your chances of being found when patients are searching for treatments and services. A combination of on-site and off-site factors makes this change.

The goal of any SEO campaign is to drive high-quality traffic to a website to outrank the competition and win new customers. According to one estimate, more than 85% of all Internet users are finding websites through search engines.

However, visibility depends on how you rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. That is the reason why the role of SEO services has become crucial to your practice’s online success.

Characteristics of Medical SEO Services

Research your market:

The highly skilled SEO strategists find where your potential patients are. They also will find out what they’re searching for. Placing high emphasis on locality, they target your website to patients who are looking for your services in your geographical area.

Optimize each page of your site:

Using targeted content, metadata, site maps, and other characteristics of a website, each page in it will be optimized to increase its visibility in search engine results.

Employ off-page tactics:

Beyond modifications to your existing website, the SEO team also would employ a series of off-page tactics. These are aimed at increasing your authority and clout in search engine results. The tactics used include link building, article indexing, press release syndication, and many others.

Analyze and modify

SEO is a tactic that requires constant analysis and modification. Therefore, the SEO specialists regularly study your search engine rankings and traffic reports to adjust numerous factors on your site. These analyses will keep you as close to the top of search engine results as possible.

Provide complete transparency.

The SEO services provide you with SEO Position Reports that detail your current rankings by both the search term and search engine. The Site Analytics Reports identify how visitors get to your website, which pages they viewed, and which search engines they arrived from.

Medical Social Media Marketing Services

Today, we are witnessing a slow migration to social media for each and everything. Earlier, it used to be through the word of mouth transmission of information. As a result of the social media revolution, more patients are turning to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to make decisions about their healthcare providers.

Looking at this trend, many health service providers have turned to social media platforms to reach out to the patients and other healthy customers. Similarly, a direct channel to your potential patients would help you to reach out to your customers on the Internet.

The social media channels precisely help you do this. The social media managers manage the social media platforms for you to offer solutions to get maximum exposure to the people who are looking for the kind of services you offer.

How Does it Work?

Have you ever thought about how this approach works wonders for clients? An active Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ allow you to build your reputation and brand.

Using this reputation and brand, you can establish relationships with patients and set your practice apart from others in the competition.

According to a successful social media marketing team, a growing component of increasing your online visibility is to increase patient-to-patient referrals through various channels on the Internet.

Social Media Marketing Services

The highly experienced social media professionals will sit with you and develop engaging content to be posted on social media platforms.

After the establishment of pages, they do the following things to make things happen.

  • Build branded pages for your practice on top social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Launch and maintain your blog and provide backlinks.
  • Write and share your blog posts to educate the online audience.
  • Post custom status updates.
  • Build and manage your Facebook Advertising Campaign.

Medical Video Marketing

Many medical practices have to struggle with attracting new patients. Few know how to present their services in a fresh, unique, and innovative way.

Others grope in darkness as to how best they can provide the service for the benefit of patients. Only after giving the required information can the patients decide whether they can go ahead with the availing of the facilities offered by a hospital or a healthcare agency.

Medical Video Marketing

This practice can help you stand apart from other doctors and medical professionals in your area. It is an effective, interactive, and highly engaging way to attract new patients.

According to a study by Nova Green Media, video added to small business profiles increases the number of business profile views several folds. The number of profile clicks will increase by more than 30%, and the number of calls generated may go high by more than 18%.

If you don’t have time to meet with hundreds of prospective patients, you can consider presenting your practice with a video marketing campaign online. Those people who are interested in your style of practice will search and find out what they will get from you. A 30-second video is enough to explain your mission, services, and even introduce yourself and staff members to the patient.

Video marketing adds that “personal touch” to your marketing efforts, and will give you that all-important “face time” you need with the patient before they even book a consultation!

Professional Video Presentation

A short, simple, professionally-edited video can convey the information to hundreds, even thousands of prospective patients. Your video can found easily fetched by the major search engines, provided proper SEO, and social media marketing.

These videos allow you to connect with patients before you even meet them. Some of the key benefits of video marketing for your medical practice discussed below.

  • Easy way to convey your core message to prospective patients
  • Inexpensive marketing solution that can lessen the burden on your financial resources
  • Distribution through YouTube for a wider reach and more exposure
  • Search engine optimization benefits
  • Drives more high-quality leads to your medical practice’s portfolio page
  • Efficient and targeted way to present your method to prospective patients

Personal Branding of a Doctor

When every profession has a brand associated with it, even doctors can have their brands. Though it may appear odd, branding is a way to present themselves online and control the way people will look at them.

It is more important for them to keep their brand when they think about the difficulty in handling their brand due to the confidentiality rules and quirks of the modern world.

Physician personal branding should center on three pillars: Specialization, philosophy, and a carefully overseen reputation.

  • Specialization: Many doctors choose to specialize these days for various reasons. Sometimes it is difficult for potential patients to determine which your specialty is and how it might apply to their cases. Hence, it would be prudent on your part to tell prospective patients about their specialty and treatment methods through carefully designed websites, blogs, or social media accounts. Through these platforms, share articles that might be interesting to a wider audience about your profession. Also, offer a perspective on a medical advance mentioned in the news about your area of specialization.
  • Philosophy: Another method to distinguish your brand is to articulate your philosophy as a physician. It may reflect in the way you treat your patients. It could be by targeting the symptoms, or simple analysis of their whole lifestyle to determine. Are there particular methods you prefer while managing a chronic illness, or why do you prefer them? What role do you see yourself playing in a patient’s health?
  • A Carefully Monitored Reputation: It’s a reality of modern medicine that doctors have to face down malpractice suits. With these incidences increasing by the year, you need to build your reputation by respectfully dealing with the patients carefully. You need to make an honest relationship with the patients by helping him to open up more to ensure the speedy diagnosis of the underlying disease. Sometimes, the doctor has to listen to the patient’s history to diagnose the disease correctly. For this, the doctor needs to have a good rapport with the patient on the platform of confidentiality. You also need to be patient enough to listen to the patient and treat him humanely.

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