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Social Media Consultant

Social media is playing a great role in marketing today. Marketers are approaching the various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms that are using as a medium for brand management and advertising. Even many companies and topmost brands have already got succeeded in social media marketing. Social videos today were the most viral strategy that many businesses are following online.

So, in this social media era, business and companies need a social media consultant to manage the official accounts and campaigns all the time because the social media need to be updated and fresh concepts and must be updated all the time. It is tough for companies to concern only one thing all the time as they have many other works to concern. So, a social media consultant will help the companies and new startup and brands to manage positively and to track their performance and lead accordingly to it.

Social Media Consulting Services Includes:

Management of the Community

The community plays a main role in approaching consumers and the ideal audience online. The communities must be managed efficiently with positive exposure. The social media consultant manages the communities with different training sessions and coaching.

Monitoring the Analytics and Growth

Social media consultant manages your accounts and monitors the performance and growth of the companies effectively and makes a strategic plan for better improvement online. This helps the business to step accordingly with the analytic reports on audience engagement.

Regular Updates

Social media consultant will help you in regular updating of the posts on your company behalf and maintain the account by following the various tools and manages with the good reputation.

Social Media Optimization

SMO Builds Lasting Relationships through Communication

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is more than word of mouth marketing. The use of Social Media sites as a tool to reach out to your audience has grown to become a necessary extension of every business.

SMO creates an open line of communication with your clients, customers, and prospects, and frankly, many expect your participation these days.

Through this open yet controlled interaction, you can discuss your products and services with the people directly involved with buying or selling those products and services. In the end, that’s what Social Media is all about Targeted discussion with invested participants.

Community based sites, blogs, online video, and other interactive forms of communication are continually changing growing with their participants.

SMO uses that evolution to build your brand image by initiating a two-way conversation with the people most interested in what you do. And no matter what you do, the Internet will always play host to a group of people drawn to your business. Every widget has an audience. Our Social Media Optimization services merely give your business the platform it needs to speak to your audience.

Our SMO services include:

• Creating Social Media profiles (MySpace, Facebook, VIRB, etc)
• Writing and/or participating in Blogs
• Orchestrating RSS feeds
• Social Bookmarking
• Creating and/or monitoring message boards, forums, or other groups

Social Media Marketing in India

According to the recent media reports, Indian organizations use social media much more than those of their counterparts in emerging economies. Even in global terms, the domestic companies in our country are far ahead of other competitors in the global market.

Through this study, the management consulting and research firm wanted to understand social media objectives, tactics, departments that manage social media in the Indian conditions. The study also wanted to know how organizations use social media marketing services to measure, budget and analyze the agency environment among others.

Study Methodology and Results

They received a total of 48 participations from professionals who are responsible for managing the digital outreaches of their respective organizations or brands. As they expected, the study has thrown up some good insights. These are outlined below.

  • Most organizations in India use this medium to build communities. Some others use this medium to spread their news.
  • Facebook has become the most important platform for marketers in India to engage the customers. It is followed by Twitter, YouTube, and blogs.
  • Social media-savvy organizations have conducted campaigns to speed up the process of brand building. For this, they show special favors for online fans.
  • Most Indian organizations or businesses use social media to promote advertisements, campaigns, and brand awareness. According to these companies, social media is beneficial for them.
  • Most businesses in our country measure social media efforts through platform-specific parameters. However, some are increasingly found to measure the success in terms of leads, sentiments, and brand visibility.
  • Almost half of the media-savvy social organizations surveyed spend between 1-5% of their marketing budget on social media, with most budgets below Rs. 10 million. Most of the campaigning for the companies is done by marketing teams.
  • The majority of media-savvy social organizations in India use standalone digital agencies as compared to PR or advertisement agencies.
  • Social media-savvy organizations in India are very optimistic about the future

Digital Asset Optimization

Search Engine Optimization + Social Media Optimization = Digital Asset Optimization

Digital Asset Optimization is also termed as SEO 2.0 or next generation SEO. With the changes in consumer preferences, search pattern, search engine algorithms, evolution of new search channels and social media release, the demand for improvement in search engine optimization is raised to the next pace.

How different is DAO from SEO?

Search engine optimization mostly focuses on the optimization of the website in indexing by search engine spiders, aligning content, keyword positioning, link building, link exchange, and many more to rank you high in the search results. These tactics will solely help you in web page optimization. The rising fame of social media channels and content sharing websites created an opportunity for new ways of promoting your business.

Search patterns revealed that the users are showing more interest towards the messages driven through interactive media like images, audio, video, podcasts and widgets. Videos uploaded in the services like YouTube will be crawled much more frequently than the videos present in the individual sites. Digital Asset management and optimization trespass of all the popular tools to permit search engines to know that your website is having more than text.

Digital Asset management includes clear description of audio and video files, alternative text for images, widget titles and sitemap optimization.

Why everybody concentrates on content?

Consumers wish to see more content in different formats so that they can make smarter decisions to purchase a product/service. Search engines demand more content because it caters them with added inventory from which they can manage advertisements. Internet marketing firms want their clients to publish excess content to captivate increased search traffic and sales.

Advantages of DAO

• Rich multimedia indexing
• Improved page rank
• Amplified site traffic
• Targeted audience
• Increased customer insight
• Increased back links

Toputop facilitates you with a seamless Digital Asset Optimization strategy to reside on the top of new advent trends and to intensify the visitor frequency and traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Research

Market Research helps in building an efficient Marketing strategy

With Technology reaching the new heights, we can witness the development of efficient marketing tools, which will help to evaluate the market sentiment and provide decisive insights for the marketers to develop a perfect marketing strategy. The present-day marketing is demanding innovation to achieve the best output and maximize the ROI.

Don’t just rely on old Marketing Techniques! Update your strategies

Time and again, the majority of the companies face the demand of updating their marketing strategies as per the evolving changes in the market. If companies rely too much on the old strategies, the brand will perish from the modern-day market. It is important to integrate your marketing strategies with the modern technologies to acquire the data and improve the marketing strategies to improvise the ROI.

Be it traditional marketing or digital marketing, data insights are playing a vital role in the budgetary decisions for the marketing strategy. The previous performances of the marketing and the current market sentiment will be considered for designing a perfect marketing strategy to boost the sales and leads of the organization.

With TopUTop on the cards, there will be one less thing to worry about the marketing research and marketing strategies for your organizations. There will be an added value for your organization with the experience we bring in with our marketing strategists. Our strategists are out there in the market, and they know how to bring the best out of any market for any product/service under the provided circumstances.

Experience matters when Data analysis comes into picture

When it comes to the Data analysis in marketing, it certainly requires experience on the various aspects of the marketing and their behavior. TopUTop gives that advantage for the companies with the experienced marketers in their team.
Before kick-starting any marketing strategy, companies should invest in market research to acquire maximum profits from the marketing strategy. Join your hands with TopUTop and optimize your marketing strategies to beat the competition and conquer the market.

Blogging Services

Build your online presence with Business Blogging…

Why go for Blogging?

Many of the customers are reviewing the feedback, generating content and sharing their opinions online. Creation of a business blog and keep on updating with the new events, product launches, press releases, rewards about the company will build a positive impact of your brand in the customer’s mind and will be more likely to choose your offerings over your competition.

Blogging is one of the best ways of online marketing strategies to speak with your audience. Trust is a valuable commodity in online marketing and blogs help you build up a trust bank.

We assist you with the following blog services:

• Blog Creation / Setup
• Blog Maintenance
• Blog Submission
• Blog Marketing
• Blog Syndication

How different is TopuTop in providing blogging Services?

• Makes simple
• Complete control over your blog
• Easy for the users to locate your blog
• Adds the look and feel to your blog
• Customized for your business needs
• Advertise your products and increase traffic to your website through Blogs.

Of all the above, we keep you stay a step ahead in customer service with the new features, functionality and technology.

Choose your purpose of Blogging… Media publishing, Search engine optimization, Customer service, Customer loyalty, Brand building, Group communications, Customer acquisition, Customer retention, Product development, Product launch, Project management or any other requirements for the need of blogging; TopuTop serves with the best blogging solutions for all your communication needs. Our expertise will make you earn brand reputation and expand your reach by saving your time ad money.

Effective tackling of Blogging will make you productive and turn your marketing investment to more revenue.

Social Media PR and Communications

As a Branding Agency, we take our PR seriously. And yours too. We provide several services that make your public relations and communications a breeze.

Competitors & Industry Analysis :

Analysing your competitors and keeping track of their every development would help every business. Hire us and we’ll show you how easy it is.

Consumer Public Relations :

Consumer PR is not the easiest thing when modes of communication are rapidly shifting bases. Out years of experience in the field of branding and web interfaces, makes us the forerunners of PR in the internet spheres.

Corporate Public Relations :

From projecting the right image to making the right moves in an environment that is shifting towards instant sharing is one of the challenges corporates are facing today. At TopuTop, we realise these challenges and help you prep for the right moments to say the right thing on the right platform.

Corporate Reputation Management :

Reputation management involves several steps from monitoring online traffic, the conversations on social networks and keeping the check on inflammatory content from spreading on the internet. We at TopuTop are experts at observing the traffic and telling you exactly what your target segment or your competitors are talking about you.

Copywriting :

Our content and copywriters are well versed in providing reader-friendly interesting content for your web marketing purposes. SEO copywriting, Social Media content, web copywriting and product release writing is some of the forms of writing that are evolving with the internet marketing revolution, and our writers are creative enough to handle any challenge.

Social Media Podcasting

Visualize your marketing message..! Interact creatively with your audience..!

Give life to your thoughts..!

Toputop guides you through the new lucrative and innovative ways of internet marketing techniques in delivering the message to the niche audience. One of the creative means of communicating is through social media marketing named as Podcasting. It can be Audio Podcasting or Video Podcasting. With this, the marketing message can be conveyed in iPods, MP3 players making compatible for all the Podcatchers.

Distinct Podcast Applications we provide

• Music Promotions
• E-Learning
• Audio, Video guides
• Business communications
• Product promotions
• Audio books
• Conference presentations

Benefits you can avail from Podcasting services

• Targeted audience from all search engines, audio/video sharing websites, Podcast directories
• Engages the prospects with the major niche products, brands, topics, press releases
• No geographical boundaries
• Boosts up brand awareness
• Memory retention
• Establishes and fortifies a lasting relationship with the listeners
• Prevents spamming
• Inexpensive medium for viral distribution of messages through the web.

Toputop offers a full range of Podcasting services including programming, scripting, production, hosting, promotion, and delivery via the major podcatchers in helping you reach your audience through media. We help you hit your potentials through the best social media marketing and communication tools.

Social Media Agency

Social media has taken the world of the Internet by storm. It simply started as a meeting point for like-minded people to share their views and content for the common good. Now, the world of business has descended in this social media space to maximize its approach over the internet. The companies have created an effective campaign in these platforms by posting the contents of relevance in their pages so that the users of social media can see what they have to offer. Social Media Company understands the importance of social media platforms in increasing brand visibility.

Expertise in Social Media

Do you want to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) and save time? If yes, you need to avail the service of a Social Media Consultant to maximize the exposure of your site. There several reasons for that. This is where the role of Social Media Company comes in. Whenever you create a website, you would like to implement Google SEO techniques on your site to make its visibility very high in the Internet environment. Leveraging the power of Social Media platforms, we make your content easily shareable across the social web. There are many options available in the world today where customers can view your content. Our SEO and Social Media experts help you to drive as much traffic as possible to your website. This will make the people go through creative content and attractive designs you have designed for them.

How Do We Do that?

Firstly, we help you to create engaging content and eye-grasping design for your site. Later, we link these features to the social media to make it visible in every widget, applications, and social media entry points people may use in their daily visits. This enables you to have the desired views to your brand.

Our Social Media Services are listed below.

  • We integrate social media into your Website
  • We set up and configure the Social Media Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other Web 2.0 websites
  • Later, we link Social Media accounts together for greater efficiency
  • We help you to set the blog up on Word Press, Blogger, and other CMS platforms. Later, we design and optimize the blog on these platforms to have optimum results.
  • We help you to customize your Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel and Google+ page.
  • We provide you a robust widget development strategy.
  • With our expertise, we help you in brand promotion and customer base building activities.
  • We create and promote videos for better search engine rankings and targeted traffic to your website
  • We conduct the targeted PPC campaigns across all the social networks.
  • We conduct viral marketing.

Do you need Marketing Ideas and Consulting? Want to work with us? Have questions? Please contact us.

Please email us at [email protected] or call us at +919848321284.

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