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Digital Advertising

Be the first in hunting latest stratagems in online..!!

With Toputop’s expanded range of interactive services in online marketing, you can dramatically redouble your search engine visibility and stay connected with the excited consumers that are ready to buy your products/services.

Drive-in high-quality traffic that inflates your sales and enhances your ROI at a reduced advertising expenditure by aiming the interested audience through our Online Advertising strategy.

Banner Ads
Banner ads are embedded into other web pages providing a link to the advertiser website. The banner ads vary in sizes such as Square, Large rectangle, Leader board, and Skyscrapers.

In General, the first five seconds are the key to get the user’s attention. In those five seconds, you have to influence them with your banner ad making it look splendid with an attractive image and punchy ad message that creates curiosity about the product.

This will make them click on that ad and perform the desired action.

Points to recall in the creation of Banner Ad

• Appealing image copy
• The compelling headline which seizes the attention of the customer
• Interesting sub-headline to create Interest on our product
• Brief and effective body copy to create a Desire for our product
• Clear call-to-Action button for easy navigation
Banner ads help you to convert more in the content networks than in search networks.

Banner ads generate more conversions than text ads in content networks. Toputop is specialized in the creation of stunning banner ads and make you get most of them.

Digital Video Ads

Go beyond the text, display, and image messaging! Advertise with high-quality video ads that are customized to your needs. We serve your video ads to the relevant audience in target content networks and drive maximum exposure to your videos and thus to your website.

TopuTop publishes your video ads by attaching them to the contextually relevant articles in video sharing websites, content networks and several media websites.

Assigns clear descriptions and taglines for better crawling of search engine spiders. This contextual relevancy helps you in getting top rankings in the search results and making it visible to one and all who read the article.

Upload your video ads today in content networks and receive tons of targeted traffic to your website.


Banner advertising is an excellent medium of online advertising that increases traffic dramatically. The creation of eye-catching posters will give you the advantage of a massive audience.

Advertise your banners on various websites, blogs, social media networks, content networks, and many more areas to increase the target audience.

Tips to attract the audience and make them visit your website to perform the required action.

• Use large sized posters in the sites with high traffic
• Ensure that the sign has one purpose and one meaningful message to promote your product/service
• Use the brief, practical and colorful word to grab user’s attention
• Identify the best location and size of the poster for a better appeal
We offer you the most efficient and relatively inexpensive form of poster advertising to get your message travel to the mass audience.

Sign Up today with TopuTop to know how interactive services/promotions help you in motivating your customers to engage instantly, significantly, and noticeably with your brand.

Digital Advertising Agency

Digital Advertising is a kind of advertising service that uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to customers across the geographical borders.

It generally includes email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, web banner advertising, mobile advertising, etc. Like traditional media advertising, there are many stakeholders involved.

They include advertisement publishers, an advertisement provider, an advertisement designer, and an advertisement server host.

Here comes the role of Internet Marketing Company, which is involved in providing the advertising services to the reputed clients in the region.

Our Expertise

Internet Advertising Company integrates the advertisements to its online content. Our clients offer the advertisements to be displayed on our content regularly. We generally make content and designs for advertisements. Later, these features are placed on the advertisement server.

After the incorporation of the advertisement, we make sure that your advertisement statistics are tracked to monitor the traffic due to the advertisement.

Our Delivery Methods

The clients can use a host of delivery methods to make the requisite contents reach the target audience.

We have expertise in all of them. By and large, these methods have been used individually or in combination to raise the awareness of a particular brand effectively. They are given below.

  • Display Advertising
  • The Web Banner Advertising
  • Frame Advertising
  • Floating Advertisements
  • Expanding Advertisements
  • Trick Banners
  • Interstitial Advertisements
  • Text Advertisements
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Email Advertising
  • Online Classified Advertising
  • Adware
  • Affiliate Marketing

Online Advertising

Have you ever thought about the future of online marketing? In the current scenario in Internet marketing, the search engine optimization (SEO) has peaked.

With each passing year, the Google search engine is getting smarter and smarter.

With new algorithm updates only truly authoritative and quality, websites are getting sufficiently high ranking in search results. It’s still a useful marketing tactic, but no longer a fad to exploit.

Meanwhile, content marketing is still a relatively fresh frontier.

The frontier has arrived with the advent of services, tools and blogs that help businesses create more content more easily.

Different Strategies of Online Marketing

When the content marketing also goes mainstream, the “info noise” consumers hear will only increase.

So how can businesses breakthrough and find a new growth opportunity? Here are 3 steps (and one bonus tip) to help you get started:

Define who in your Network:

Make sure that the relevant contents are made for your online followers. How much value are these contents bringing to your business from the end-users perspective?

With these contents, have you been able to make the customers come to your site and read your story to get acquainted with the products and services you offer?

If yes, you can take the next step to reach out to your audience. For each contact, you think is a fit, send him or her a short email invite to “ally up” for your mutual benefit.

Decide how to manage your marketing alliances:

This is the important part. Here, you can start by creating an email list with all your allies in it, or by creating a private Google+ or Facebook group that target your audience.

Using this group, you can post links to content you want your audience to read and get acquainted with Likewise; you should be checking it regularly to see which of your allies you can help out in furthering your business.

Track results:

Have you seen an increase in the number of likes or tweets your articles get?

This would indicate that your website has seen a significant jump in traffic. Finally, check whether your customer count has risen or not?


If you organize your acquaintances well, you can effectively add it to your marketing mix in only a few minutes per day or 20-30 minutes per week.

You create content and share it with your allies. This may help you in the long run.

You check for what relevant content they’ve created and want help to launch online advertising, and you re-share it.

Mobile Advertising

In the coming future, most of the information you share, most of the advertising you read, most of the messages you send, and most of the music you listen to will transit through your cell phones only.

Mobile ads are the most engaging categories in the present era.

Toputop is expertise in developing a mobile marketing strategy. It is essential to help you to deliver your straight message to your customers in the most effective and efficient way.

Using mobile, advertisers can now go beyond the level because nowadays mobiles have now evolved into rich media handsets and participating consumers are treated to a rich multimedia mobile ads experience that allows them to zoom in and pan around high impact visuals of the product before launching the new product.

Superior Mobile Ad Campaign Management

Our expert team wholly dedicated to producing successful results of mobile ads. We deliver the following aspects that are necessary to run the most effective mobile ad campaign.

  • We test on different browsers, different channels, and display networks in improving the ROI.
  • Our team will create local targeting mobile ads.
  • Creation and optimization of mobile websites.
  • Launch of eye-catching ad campaigns.
  • We adjust bids for multiple locations and device to pull better results.

Brand Building Campaigns

Your Brand interacts with your audience directly

Creating a brand is not just displaying few images but also sharing an emotional message with audience.

Brand building requires a very good understanding of the business coupled with a thought process dedicated to create a value for the service.

Make your Voice loud and clear about your brand message

Every aspect and every step in the brand-building process should reflect the dedication and commitment.

The journey of the brand initiation begins with the logo creation, color combinations, taglines with a clear message, user experience, and conceptual templates, and many more.

Now, the success of the brand-building lies within the combination of all the features in the journey.

To understand, every aspect of the journey in building a brand should proceed in an interconnected manner.

It is essential to create a voice for your brand with a powerful message. Just a creation doesn’t do any good for the brand, and it needs the attention of the audience through the right channels.

Make your brand clear, authentic and transparent while reaching the audience to gain the extra edge for the brand-building campaigns.

TopuTop is a potential branding agency that helped numerous brands to kick off their campaigns in style and reach new heights by emerging as major players in the market.

We got the art to discover and deliver an optimal message to the target audience through a range of digital marketing platforms.

Your offline and Online campaigns should work for Hand in hand

The brand-building campaigns should be designed in such a way that they should reflect the message through the traditional marketing and digital marketing channels.

To emerge a super performing brand in the market, it requires a lot of competitor research.

With the results, differentiate your competitors with unique strategies for convincing the customers to look up for your brand.

TopuTop is here to help the startups to emerge as brand players in the market, and at the same time, the strategies for existing brands will help them rise to superpower level in the brand competition.

Join your hands with us to make your brand voice stronger in this competitive market.

Location Based Paid Advertising

Reach your local prospects at an affordable cost.

Search is now becoming popular in local markets too.

The majority of the people are now using search engines and local services like yellow pages to find the products/services in their hometown.

With this, the local search is becoming popular day-by-day and created importance for a Local Paid Advertising.

From ordinary shops and hotels to multiplexes, shopping malls, and restaurants, everyone is advertising their products online.

For this, instead of targeting to the whole country, it is economical to use custom local targeting for a specific state, region, metro and some area in a city.

Benefits of Local Search

• Appears on the top of search results
• Local companies are given high priority over others
• Provides more information about the business before clicking on the ad which increases the accuracy of conversions and the conversion rate
• As they are more visual and get user attention, there is a chance of getting conversions.

Local Search can be of four types:

Geo-targeted ad campaigns:

This feature of major search engines let you to target to a specific geographic location.

Whenever a user searches for a term, then the IP address of that user is compared with the IP address of the targeted geographic area.

If it matches, then the local ad is being displayed. In this feature, the campaigns can target country, state, region, metro and zip code.

Also, we can target to a custom area around a particular address or draw an area of custom polygon.

Campaign with Local keywords:

We can target the local audience by creating the keywords appended with the location name for eg: hotels in Houston.

These location-specific keywords when used by the searchers, the ads are being displayed without matching the IP address.

Local Search Engines:

With the increase of local searches, most of the search engines are offering local search platforms. If the advertiser runs a geo-targeted campaign, then those will be also displayed in the local search results and no need for a separate campaign.

But they should be run in the local service providers like Yellow pages and many other popular local networks like,

Ad results in Maps:

Many people search for the local businesses, products, and services to know the local offers, store locations, and directions. Google is a major service provider for this.

In Google local maps, the local business ads results will provide useful information like the store address and directions to go for each text ad. This can be done by running an ad campaign in Google local business center.

Based on your requirement, TopuTop assists you in reaching your local audience in online to attract the targeted customers and take lead in getting the conversions.

Do you need Marketing Ideas and Consulting? Want to work with us? Have questions? Please contact us.

Please email us at [email protected] or call us at +919848321284.

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