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Social Media Marketing

Explore the limitless and boundless potential of your brand through our Social Media Marketing services

Social media creates a viral possibility for a concept with exceptional outreach and maximum engagement. Social Media marketing will bolster the startups to flourish as a brand in the market and small brands to excel as a major brand in the market.

In one word, social media can be explained as a “two-edged knife” where positivity can flourish a brand, whereas the negative aspect can crush a brand in the market. So, the SMM strategy should be devised with utmost care the leverage the audience in these platforms.

Leverage the potential of Social media marketing to conquer Internet Marketing.

Planned strategy with appropriate business goals can aver the brand identity with equilibrium in the social platforms. An approach to social media without a strategy will resemble an empty mind roaming in the forest without a destination.

Social media communicates your emotions, stories, updates, photos, events, and many more to connect your brand to the target audience. Like the Disney lands creation of the Aladdin’s Magical Story with a Genie, one can exert the magic of social media to accomplish the dreams of your business.

The myth behind social media marketing is resolved!

TopuTop designs unique social media strategies for every business to make a fantastic brand across social channels. To achieve these feet, we don’t possess a magic wand to create a miracle in a jiff, but we do possess a creative mindset with a pronounced knowledge about Social media.

Till now, SMM strategy means creating the right goals, recognizing the target audience, Content curation, and implementing the right campaigns to reach the target audience. But the modern approach gives a whole new definition with the admission of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence into SMM strategy.

Now, it’s all about sentimental analysis in the social platforms with artificial intelligence to capture the emotion of the audience towards a brand. SMM services have been revolutionized with the blend of artificial intelligence.

Now the modern-day social media marketers will devise a robust strategy with the type of emotion the audience have shown for your brand image in the market. Improve your brand reputation in the social platform with our innovative SMM strategies at TopuTop.

Leverage the Social Media benefits through our Social Media Marketing strategy to intensify your ROI..!!

Our optimization services make you

• Get experience with the increased site traffic

• Build more and more consumer groups

• Provide backlinks to the website

• Research more forums pertinent to your offerings

• Engage readers with propelling content and reviews

• Post updates and events about your business

Our proven expertise will deliver quality traffic and leverage your ROI using Social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

TopuTop is the best internet marketing agency provides you the complete internet marketing strategies for whatever your business needs.

We interact with our clients and invest a lot of time ad effort to understand the business requirements, marketing goals to reach and budget and then prepare a customized strategy that peer with your capabilities, needs, and business model.

We target to deliver the right SEO services that suit your requisites and make you achieve top rankings in the search results of major search engines.

Our committed team of experts will liaise closely with the clients to suggest the solutions based on the goals to be fulfilled with the online marketing solutions. We assure you with the guaranteed results instead of just selling the service.

We have expertise in complete SEO services like keyword research, keyword selection, practical copywriting, link building and link exchange, social bookmarking, article submission, forum postings, blogging, video submissions.

Also, we provide the services like Podcasting, email marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing, pay per click services for significant search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, Affiliate marketing, Shopping engines, Ad networks, Video Marketing.

We offer creative services such as content writing, web designing, and development, landing page design.

TopuTop strategic services serve you the entire internet marketing needs giving you a deep insight into your audience preferences and help you to build a perfect plan following the below mentioned basics.

• Identify the target audience
• Compelling appeal of the website
• Effective Content requirement
• Review the audience response and modify
• Stay in touch with old customers

Toputop adopts the above strategy resulting in a marketing plan that helps you create and execute online customer acquisition tactics that yield revenue and build everlasting relation with the audience.

Social Media Monitoring

Unable to track all the conversations in social media networks about your business?
Want to know the buzz around you?

Many companies are curious to know what people are talking about their business — Toputop excel in presenting you with the feedback generated by the people through media.

We listen, share, learn, track, and engage your customer feedback, opinions, perceptions, positive reviews, critics, and ideas.

We continuously monitor your social media networks to identify the target social mediums for a better audience and promote your business more through them.

We let you watch all the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blogs, and podcasts to be aware of the online media conversations that shape your company’s reputation.

Toputop examines the buzz exhaustively and alerts you for the posts on negative responses or critics, who among your competition is being conversed the most and eventually your brand’s reputation.

We provide you with exhaustive reporting regarding the tracked and analyzed conversations systematically.

Register now to multiply the effectiveness of your social media monitoring.

Contact us for sample online reputation report of your brand

Social Media Marketing in Mumbai

Mumbai is known to be the “Land of Opportunity.” It is where every individual realizes their Indian dream and is also a place where life lived in all its flavors.

Being the first metropolitan city and even the financial capital of the country, it is the hub for all the big names in the business industry and also in the IT sector.

The boom of Internet marketing is not far behind. Mumbai supposedly hosts one of the largest markets in Internet Marketing on a global scale.

Having just a web presence in the form of a website is not enough. Knowing how fierce the competition in every field is, we have an urgent need to market our products and services to our potential clients.

Some of the best internet marketing strategies are listed below:

Search Engine Optimization: As said earlier, having just a website to market your product is not enough in this modern-day and age. Once you create a product, your website needs to make it to the top of the search list so that it increases internet traffic, thereby increasing the potential of your product.

This can be achieved by tailoring the content of your website so that it contains the essential keywords required for search engines to direct customers to your site. The inclusion of backlinks (links to your website from outside sources) is also a strategy that could successfully market your product.

Search Engine Marketing: This form of marketing has specific paid measures such as Pay per click, which ensures visibility of your website in search engine results.

What this essentially means is that advertisements of your website appear in search engine results alongside the site included in the websites that run. This strategy is more visual and gives scope for better traffic.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a new form of marketing where a business offers affiliates rewards for bringing in visitors to their site with the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Though this strategy is not that well known, it is nevertheless a rewarding one if implemented correctly.

Social Media Marketing: This strategy can be termed as the strategy of the future. With millions logged onto social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, that this mode of marketing offers us a platform unlike any other where marketing is free, and the outreach is irreplaceable.

Internet Marketing is just the beginning of the marketing revolution. It would best suit your business to latch on to professionals in each of these fields who have excellent knowledge as to how to go about these strategies and to implement them correctly to pave the way for your business to reach the top.

So, why wait?

Social Media Marketing Services

Marketing in the early 80s and 90s belonged to only a specific section of the world that had a passion for selling or bringing awareness about a particular product. With the advent of the internet, marketing became more accessible to the everyday businessman and entrepreneur to help build his base in the online space.

However, even this began to intensify as every business wanted to have an online presence that was unique and attractive.

Hence, the competition started to boom, and various companies began to look for alternative options to market their product.

We, human beings, are a species that take anybody’s opinion and tend to think on that even if it sounds mundane and silly.

However, it has been a known fact that we generally consult our friends or relatives when it comes to specific suggestions about the purchase of a product.

Now, as the social networking world was gathering steam, businesses came up with the brilliant idea of marketing on such networking spaces as a single referral of one client to his friends would bring back huge dividends.

This way, one would not have to spend vast amounts of money on marketing, making billboards, paying vendors, etc. Hence, the world of social marketing through wide open, another mode of marketing that was faster, more efficient, and result-oriented.

Social Media Marketing is now the most efficient way for a company to market itself. This led to brand awareness and subsequently improved customer service.

And what’s more, all this happens at a minimal cost which is easily affordable by both large organizations and small timers at the same time.

Now, when it came to Social Media, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter became live wires as these websites connected to millions of people around the world.

Now if a company were genuine and willing to serve customers to their satisfaction, they would not have found a better place to market themselves.

Hence, these public online spaces are a sure-shot way of reaching out to customers and garnering business to oneself.

Social Media Optimization Services

TopuTop provides valuable services in software development and marketing. Being a social-media-savvy company, it knows the powers of social media platform.

It has hands-on experience in developing social media campaigns and brand building to help its customers to realize their brand visibility in the online environment.

After having such extensive exposure, it wants to help the customers understand their potential through successful brand building online.

Expertise in Social Media Optimization

Regardless of the kind of website that you will create, you should want to implement Google SEO techniques on your site to make its visibility very high in the Internet environment.

This is where the role of Invoke Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. comes in. Leveraging the power of Social Media Optimization, we make your content easily shareable across the social web.

There are many options available in the world today where customers can view your content. Our expert SEO and Social Media experts help you to drive as much traffic as possible to a website to make the people go through creative content and attractive designs you have designed for them.

How Do We Do That?

We help you to develop engaging content and design first. Later, we link these features to social media so that your creativity is visible in every widget, applications, and social media entry points.

This enables you to have the desired benefits to your brand. We make sure that your content and design are viewable from every perceivable platform, including laptop, PC, tablet, Smartphone, etc.

Our Social Media Optimization Services are listed below.

  • We integrate social media into your Website
  • We set up and configure the Social Media Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and other Web 2.0 websites
  • Later, we link Social Media accounts together for greater efficiency
  • We help you to set the blog up on Word Press, Blogger, and other CMS platforms. Later, we design and optimize the blog on these platforms to have optimum results.
  • We help you to engage followers of your brand with special offers you want to give.
  • We help you to customize your Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel.
  • We provide you a robust widget development strategy.
  • With our expertise, we help you in brand promotion and customer base building activities.
  • We create and promote videos for better search engine rankings and targeted traffic to your website
  • We conduct the targeted PPC campaigns across all the social networks.
  • We conduct viral marketing.
  • We create and run contests using social networking accounts.

Social Media Marketing Company

Being a social-media-savvy company, Social Media Marketing Company knows the powers of social media platform. The company has a lot of experience in developing social media campaigns and building brands for the benefits of its clients.

As a result of this exercise, the clients will have extensive exposure in the Internet environment.

Expertise in Social Media Platform

When you create a website, you would like to implement the established and time tested Google SEO techniques on your site to make it visible to the online customers.

This is where the role of Social Media comes into play. We make use of the power of Social Media to share your content across the social web.

There are many options one can adopt to help prospective customers to view your contents. Our Social Media experts help you to drive massive traffic to the website so that the people go through creative content and attractive designs you have designed for them.

Our Modus Operandi

In the first step, we assist you in developing engaging content and design according to the requirements of social media marketing.

Later, we link these features to social media so that your creativity is visible in all social media entry points. This enables you to have the desired benefits to your brand.

Following are our social media services we deliver to our esteemed clients.

  • We link social media to your Website
  • We set up and configure the Social Media Accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
  • We help you to set up and optimize the blogs on Word Press, Blogger, and other CMS platforms so that there is optimum visibility for your sites.
  • We help you to customize your Facebook and Twitter accounts to reach a maximum number of customers. If you want to approach your people through YouTube channel and Google+ page, we assist you in developing marketing campaigns to them.
  • We provide you a robust widget development strategy build on best practices in social media marketing.
  • We also help you with brand promotion and customer base building activities.
  • We create and promote videos for better search engine rankings and targeted traffic to your website
  • We conduct the targeted PPC campaigns across all the social networks.
  • We conduct viral marketing.

Do you need Marketing Ideas and Consulting? Want to work with us? Have questions? Please contact us.

Please email us at [email protected] or call us at +919848321284.

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