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Twitter Marketing

From being touted as the next big thing to becoming the hottest phenomenon on the web, Twitter is the new rage on the Internet. Anyone who is anybody is on twitter, and they are making those 140 characters matters. It is a potential gold mine for marketing, and knowing how to use this is the need of the hour. We are one of the topmost Twitter Marketing Agency.

Twitter has gained a lot of popularity over a short period and also has some of the biggest names in the world hooked on it. This makes twitter marketing a must for all marketing strategies.

Power-packed tool driven by short tweets and the precise platform to reach active celebrities

Twitter marketing will prosper your brand to reach the millions of active Twitterati’s throughout the globe. Maintain your global presence with an emphatic twitter marketing strategy and conquer your competition in the market. It doesn’t take much time and efforts to make your brand viral on this social platform.

Be it a startup or a top-notch brand, TopUTop is possessing throughput potential to handle twitter marketing in 3600 dimensions.

Twitter is a highly engaging platform where people share their emotions and go crazy about the happiest, funny, and sad moments that are happening in society.

Be it a business or a personal emotion; Twitter possesses that killer instinctive to engage critics, sympathizers, people of praise, and followers to engage with the empathetic moments.

“Don’t undermine the potential of Twitter based on your business category and target audience.”

From the word go, the success of twitter marketing lies in the way you approach this platform. The journey begins with defining the goals, researching the target audience, and the ability to utilize the paid tools for boosting your presence on the Twitter platform.

Research on your competitors but devise a unique promotional strategy for your brand to influence the audience. It is of utmost importance to create a specific recognition for your brand in the market.

Viral Hashtags, Paid Advertising platform, follow and re-follow, shares, and re-tweet; all these features will lay the foundation for your success on this platform.

Design tweets for a cause

Be a tweep who tweets for a reason to support the change in society and be a part of reaching your customers with an emotional touch. Well, the audience does expect their popular brands to participate and support a cause which brings a change in society.

TopuTop is specialized in creating emotional tweets to engage the audience and enhance your brand value in the market.

Harness the power of the twitter by using the analytics to measure your advertising performance and make slight adjustments to improve the engagement of the audience. Join your hands with TopUTop and get noticed by the Twitterati’s around the globe.

Most important rules of marketing are to make the best of the current trends. Marketing is all about being in the moment.

Twitter marketing is the rage at the moment, so you will do well for your company to get on to the bandwagon and do the best you can. The best thing about using Twitter is that it is a sure-shot way to increase the traffic to your blog or website.

Most authors/celebrities/bloggers/people in affiliate marketing/anybody else is on twitter for the very same reason – to direct the vast amount of traffic that hits this site every hour of every day.

Another reason why Twitter seems to be a very welcome option to all small to medium enterprises is that it requires a very nominal and low investment.

For other kinds of marketing, huge funds are required, which every company cannot afford. Social media has the power to reach out to the masses and doesn’t require any investment (relatively), and this is the most crucial reason for the success of social media marketing in today’s world.

Twitter marketing has a very high return on investment, and this makes it a convenient marketing tool.

Using tried and tested methods such as using promoted accounts for brand building is the best way to increase the brand value if your company. Something as simple as using hashtags to promote your company is proving to be a great marketing plan.

Using promoted trends and promoted tweets is another sure-shot way of excelling at marketing. Research has shown that users check twitter’s homepage at least once a day to take a look at what is currently trending. These are a few ways to ensure that you are doing all that you can in the manner of twitter marketing for your company.

Some of the biggest companies are joining the Twitter marketing bandwagon, and it is time that you did so as well. This marketing is more interactive and hence, more effective.

For more information on twitter marketing and how to correctly make the best of it for your product and your company, consult a twitter marketing consultant. A consultant has all your options sorted out for you, and that could make a big difference.

Twitter Marketing :

A 140 Characters process to promote your brand.

Twitter is becoming viral day by day. Future marketing on Twitter is essential for every brand.

Twitter marketing can “Strengthen your brand.”

We have phenomenal strategies in doing Twitter promotions and utilizing the marketing trends that drive qualified leads and high traffic to your website.

How we can help your Company / Brand:

• Twitter Account profile background design concerning your brand

• Twitter Account maintenance

• Twitter posts management

• Integrating Twitter and your blog feeds

• Monitoring your Company/brand/ top executives on Twitter

• Keeping in touch with media and customers

• Increasing followers count

• Maintaining live updates concerning your industry

Advantages of Twitter Marketing:

• It can inform people about your new products and services

• Linking can be natural for your blog, press releases.

• Customer support is secure.

• Conducting and promoting an event is easy.

One way or the other, Twitter is where all the action is. Make sure you are a part of it.

Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter is one of the top viral social media website and an excellent platform for microblogging over the web.

Twitter Marketing Tips:

• Create a trustworthy profile
• Create a beautiful background
• Fill your profile
• You two lines bio will count more
• Maintain a list of followers
• Tweet real information
• Tweet at least two updates per day
• Make conversation
• Answer to the questions
• As questions to others
• Save to online by using twitter

By using twitter, marketers can gather the latest information about the trends happening in their industry.

About millions of members on

The most time consuming and exciting part of Twitter is finding and adding contacts.

Twitter Marketing Hyderabad, India

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that has a high engagement of the audience in millions. Twitter has the highest audience engagement and conversation rates in which the marketers have good chances to meet the right audience towards their products and services.

It revealed that more than 9,100 tweets noticed for every second on Twitter. Millions of people were connected with Twitter and updating all the time. Many brands and startups and other individuals were also using the Twitter platform as their advertising medium, and many got to succeed on this platform.

Twitter for Business

Marketing on Twitter is the best way to reach the ideal consumers online, and one can able to attract typical consumers towards the company. It is the best place to apply the influencing marketing strategy in which when it comes to the content that was user-generated undergoes more than 90 percent consumption, and many users get tapped on to the materials posted on Twitter., the Twitter platform allows the users to deliver the 140 characters tweets on its platform.

The marketers can post the images of the products and the company banners and can share in the Twitter community easily by attaching the hashtags or any other small comment along with the picture. This makes the audience more interested in the brands and they a straightforward approach.

A marketer can converse with the people in real-time with short conversations within a limit of 140 characters onto the profile. Many third-party content providers offer various services in Twitter managing services by providing real-time support and management services on behalf of the marketers.

Twitter Video Advertising

Twitter is the most engaging and busy platform on the web. Marketers used this microblogging site for advertising. It is also helping the advertisers to generate good revenue from the platform.

The video advertising had improved strategically, and every marketer was targeting the video as it has the power to attract and engage the audience towards the brands.

The videos can be very beneficial to create and drive the viewers, and when it comes to video advertising on Twitter, the platform designed by focusing on the relation between marketers and consumers. The pre-roll ads on Twitter are also of the best advantageous way to reach the consumers online.

The audience can use high-quality images as their thumbnails on Twitter to attract the audience. The marketer can advertise their video for 12 seconds on Twitter and include with a tweet.

The marketers can tweet 140 characters by linking a video or high definition images in the Tweets to attract the attention of an audience.

The brands can use the premium and can align themselves with the real-time TV content on Twitter, and it amplifies your message beyond the followers of your account on Twitter. By posting a video on Twitter, the marketer can start a conversation with the audience in real-time.

Twitter Advertising Services:

  • Twitter profile management
  • Video editing and creation
  • Video posting and maintenance
  • Twitter video campaign designing etc.,

Twitter Marketing for Business

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Hence, it makes sense that every marketing professional will tell you that Twitter needs to be a part of your online marketing strategy.

If you have already started using Twitter for business marketing, you may want to take the following tips to heart to successfully implement them in your business growth strategy roadmap.

Twitter for Business Marketing and Development

Twitter is a great social media platform that can be used for developing businesses. Through this platform, people share thoughts, articles, and messages. The only constraint is that the text can be only 140 characters long at a time.

The platform lets you follow people who you are interested in. It also enables others to support you to receive your Tweets. Your tweets can include photos, videos from YouTube, and links to anything you would like to share.

Showcase in a Professional Way

The first thing you should do is to get your business or brand name on Twitter.

The closer you can get, the better it would be. Most of the time, you shouldn’t have any issues obtaining a name, but if you aren’t able to make sure that the title you pick is something relevant to your business.

Set a Goal and Define Your Purpose

After setting professionally, you need to figure out precisely what purpose would be served on this platform.

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