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Content Marketing

Currently, marketers are shuffling through the reports generated in 2014 to predict the upcoming media trends. During the search, there have been debates and fruitful discussions on the marketing strategies and choice of publishing partners. After a few deliberations, the experts were to gauge what is in store and where to focus the branded content topics in the months to come.

What to Expect?

Most forecasts are the products of data that keep on accumulating due to various activities in the business field. After perusing the data, the shifts in consumer behavior and media consumption habits with surveys of marketers are deduced. Combining both, we get a pretty clear picture of what to expect.

For instance, one such deduction that could be found from the big data is the slow rise of investments in social media by various enterprises. The study also showed evidence of the increase in investment in an online video advertisement.

This trend is steadily growing over the years, and it will continue to find favor with brands. After having said that, we need to know what form these investments will take. We also need to know which formats will continue to prove popular in the market.

Another question that may arise in mind would be the nature of change in our application to get the discernable change. These kinds of predictions are harder to make. The aftereffect of the study is an exploration of three content marketing trends. Based on their current trajectory, consumer interest, and industry buzz, we have come to three formats to do branded content marketing. They are listed below.

Social Media Content for Every Occasion:

The consumers are four times likely to view a branded Vine video than a more standard brand video. If we can make a short-duration video content that is animated and goofy, the people are going to watch that more than anything else. Hence, it is better to generate social media content for every occasion, preferably in the form of video content.

Branded Tumblrs Take Users Behind the Scene:

It offers a lot in the way of marketing options. Many of these outlined in the social site’s Marketer’s sales and brand strategy blog. Sponsored posts now tap Yahoo technology. The recently launched sponsored trending blog unit taps mobile audiences and the most-read sections of the network. We can use these platforms to post videos about upcoming product releases and tips to ensure their usage to generate traffic.

Online Films Will Get Even Longer:

The companies are now generating longer-duration video contents about the services and products to create awareness about them. To a more significant extent, these videos were able to generate the need for buying products or availing the services in the minds of the people who have seen them.

Content Development

Content is very important to convey the message to the audience and consumers to ensure growth and leads. The content can be created in various forms such as video, image, infographics and many other forms that were in use.

Any form of content must be clear and attractive to achieve the attention of the consumers online towards your product. This requires well-developed content. The content must be undergoing better development to reach the desired results to the company.

So, content development service providers like TopuTop was required for the companies for better management of content to achieve success.

Content Developing and Management

The content development is involved with the combination of market research and analytics. The consultants manage the owned, paid and as well as earned media efficiently.

The service can provide the consumer by creating the programs which are having real-time engagement. It brings the awareness of the brand as well as it also helps in measuring the results with a perfectly planned strategy to get high sales leads.

The services also include content writing and web content development. The services help in engaging the content to the consumers and optimizes the content according to the effectiveness. Continuous updates in the content help the company to stamp its identity among the other contents that are present on the web.

Other Services:

  • SEO content management
  • Content marketing and development services
  • Branded content management
  • Social media content development
  • Digital content development

Content Development

Add value to your website with our creative services..!!

Content is the most critical part of any website and plays a major role in search engine ranking. A lot of brainstorming research is required to get quality content that catches the user’s eye. Many of the times, it is the content that makes the user reside at your site.

We ensure that the content on your website is concentrated on the customer goals in meeting their objectives and not your marketing goals. If your content is not creating interest/curiosity in user minds, then you will end up with annoyed users. We tailor your content so as to be in line with the needs of your customers.

We have a team of skilled, professional and creative content writers with a deep insight into the business concepts, SEO and Domain knowledge and ability to explore and research wide verticals and horizons in understanding all business information and provide you the quality content.

Benefits of a professional content writer
  • Higher search ranking
  • Drives in increased quality traffic
  • Researches for popular search terms and writes the keyword-oriented content.
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased brand popularity
  • Reaps you higher ROI

We offer you content writing for new websites as well as re-writing the content for the existing websites. We also excel in writing SEO articles, newsletters, press releases, case studies and many more.

TopuTop is committed to helping you in delivering customized and appealing content within the specified deadlines ensuring the quality. This makes you outstanding in the global market.

Content Writing Services in India

India has turned itself into a knowledge hub over the years. This is mainly due to the availability of the English-speaking and skilled manpower in the country. Other countries had sufficient manpower.

However, they did not have an English-speaking workforce. That was the reason India became the darling of countries that wanted to outsource their work to other countries to cash in on the cheap labor and required expertise.

Content Writing Services

In their countries, the companies had to pay heavily for securing the services of the people with the required skills. After the global meltdown, the companies had to look out for other options, including outsourcing the jobs to the developing countries where the cost of labor was less. With its knowledge base and English-speaking workforce, India became the cynosure of these companies’ eyes.

As a result, many entrepreneurs started setting up companies specializing on the job that needs to be exported back to the companies that have outsourced them. One of the jobs that were outsourced to us was the content writing services.

The companies specialized in this field provide a wide array of writing services. It includes SEO Content Writing, Content Editing and Proof Reading, Content Development, Technical Writing, Appraisal Writing, etc.

Where Content Writing Services Fit in?

In today’s world, businesses survive on marketing using compelling and quality content. For this, an organization would require talented and creative writers to market and promote their business, products or services. Moreover, the native content writers have to pick up the specifics that clients from other countries would like to see written.

It could be the writing style, slang, usage, etc. Therefore, the task of finding talented and professional writers with requisite skill sets has proved to be difficult. They may also be utilized for writing the technical documents for the products the companies may produce. These people need to write the content in precise and simple language so that the readers can understand.

The technical documents will have an adequate image or video support to put the information in perspective.

Branded Content Marketing Services

It is a relatively new form of advertising medium that has emerged from the fields of advertisement and entertainment. This new medium seeks to blur conventional distinctions between what constitutes advertising and what constitutes entertainment.

It is essentially a confluence of the two concepts of these two fields into one product. This hybrid product distributed as entertainment content, albeit with a highly branded quality. Unlike its predecessor form in the entertainment field, branded content is generally funded entirely by a brand or corporation. For instance, a movie studio or a group of producers may go in for the content that is relevant to their field.

Effectiveness of Branded Content

Producing branded content has become a handy tool for advertisers in this present-day world. A branded content could do wonders for the company providing it if it made correctly. While making the branded content, the companies need to make sure that the content they produce done exceptionally and professionally to reflect their products, services, and value propositions. When the content sticks to these things, it sort of tricks the viewer into seeing the content with curiosity and intention to know more about it.

Use of Branded Content in Marketing

The most successful branded content programs can blend the advertising with the art of the storytelling seamlessly. Branded Content enables the content to pass the information to the consumer effectively. In short, the branded content has the power to help enrich a company’s ability to incorporate product placement in their message to the outside world about other competitors in the market.

This results in an enhanced company and product image in the eyes of the customers. Branded Content, in turn, leads to an improved retail presence, better consumer relationship, to boost sales of the products. After all, no one would pay attention to the messages of those companies that have zero or less retail presence. The continuous production of branded content will remind the people of the presence of the companies.

These branded contents would be utilized by these companies to do the campaign to make the people recollect the services they provide.

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