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App Store Optimization

Talk about Apps in the web market, and this term “ASO” is right behind it. Every smartphone or Android-enabled device uses apps that cater to every need of the user. Now when you open an app store, you are flooded with millions of apps, some extremely high rated, some moderately rated, and others with no rating at all.

However, every user is hungry for an app to meet his desperate need. Now considering the bigger picture, when he opens an app store, be it the Apple’s app store or the Android’s, he might need help concerning finding the perfect application.

Boom! And the term “ASO” a.k. An App Store Optimization coined to enable users to select from only those categories that have a higher ranking than the others.

Now from a business point-of-view, how can one achieve this ASO?

It might seem impossible to push through millions of apps to make it to the top, but surprisingly, all it requires are a few tiny steps of detail. They are:


Keywords are as relevant as the App itself. Keywords can be used in the Title of the app itself or the description part of the app.

Each keyword should be unique, can have a relation to the app’s functionality if need be or could be something completely different and should be human-readable.


The description plays as much an essential role as the Keyword itself. An app’s story is generally a sentence that says what the app is all about and why the user needs to install it.

So, in short, it should be catchy, should be easily understood, should have essential keywords, and of course, should describe the app in less than three lines.


While choosing your screenshots that will tell the user all about your app, choose the most eye-catching and attractive sections of the app because every user would like to quickly go through the screenshots to see if the app is handy to him.


As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” the icon of your app is the face of the app in the app market.

Even if you have a killer description and well-designed screenshots, if your app’s icon is not right, it could at once let down anybody to look for another app with similar features.

After 6000 years of evolution, man still likes to go for something that looks good, be it his woman or even an app.


Make a high-definition video of the app’s features and post it along with the description, and this will certainly give the user a sense of confidence that the app is worth the price.

Once it gathers a following on Youtube, Viddler, Vimeo, and other video sharing websites, your app is well on its way to the top of the app market.

Keeping these primary pre-requisites in mind, one can be assured that to be the best in the market, you have to pay attention to detail, and that is what ASO is all about.

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